Eyelash Extension Medical Grade Adhesive

Important! We do not believe in exposing the eyelash extension client or the eyelash extension technician to cancer causing chemicals in the name of beauty. We only sell medical grade adhesive with no formaldehyde and with zero fumes.  Due to manufacturing practices beyond our control, our adhesive will have a 3-4 month shelf life when stored overnight in the refrigerator.  Remember, moisture is the glue's worst enemy so make sure that cap goes back on immediately and it is tightened.

Exclusive! Our medical grade, no odor adhesive is poured in small batches exclusively for EnVogue Lashes here in the USA.  This is not a generic adhesive we are putting our label on.  Fast drying. Will cut your application time in half! No blow drying needed! More adhesive for less money. 5 ml bottle allows for less waste.

Since the creation of our Ultra Bond Adhesive in 2006 we have no knowledge of any known alergic reactions to our adhesive.  Inquiries about reactions have proven to be to Eye Gel Pads, tapes, adhesive Remover, improper use or previous exposures to products outside of the salon.

There will be no returns accepted on the adhesive unless shown to be defective.  If you believe it to be defective please contact us immediately via our Contact Us page.

 For application information please visit our website here: EnVogue Adhesive Application

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