Eyelash Extension Training DVD and Manual

Save big on our combination training dvd and manual. Hundreds have already learned to apply lash extensions with these tools. No need to spend $1,000+ dollars for training seminars when you can practice on your own in your salon or studio. Everything you need to know is covered PLUS extras like multi layering and color highlighting. Filmed in the USA. Easy to understand. Clearly spoken. Demonstrated on actual clients. Manual has pictures, updates and references to DVD. 1 Manual & DVD/ set.

DVD and Manual are non returnable! Certificates will be issued per the instructions at the back of the manual and basically require submitting 3 photos of your best work via email for review. We are not responsible for lost or damaged certificates once they leave our warehouse.  For ordering duplicate certificates please see part number CERT under the training catagory.

Note:  We cannot certify on another companies adhesive.  Therefore if you are not buying a kit, you must purchase our adhesive at the same time that you purchase the DVD/Manual and submit pictures of clients on which you have used our adhesive.  You will have 4 months to submit photos (the shelf life of our adhesive) before you will be required to purchase a new bottle to qualify for certification.

Regarding the DVD/Manual in our kits: Because of the special pricing on our kits please be aware there are no substitutions allowed even if you have bought the DVD/Manual previously.

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